Shaka Ra

Barabel, Former Jedi


Shaka Ra was tracked to and defeated at Morgan Fontain’s Estate. He fled there to find help to escape the Empires grasp. After being successfully apprehended a lone Storm Trooper took it upon himself to execute Shaka Ra while the rest of the squad was incapacitated in one way or another.

Stat block and Abilities

Shaka Ra CL 13
Medium, Barabel; Jedi 5; Soldier 5; Martial Arts Master 3
INIT: +15; SENSES: Perception +6 ; Use the Force +13
LANGUAGES: Basic, Barabi
REF: 35** (flat-footed 28), FORT: 32, WILL: 25 – Elusive target; Martial Arts: 1,2&3; Improved defenses
HP: 184^; THRESHOLD: 32; (2nd WIND PTS: 46); DR: 10 -(spend a FP for DR: 10 for 1 minute)
^BONUS HP:(____) -(gains +2 bonus hp every time he damages an opponent w/ an unarmed attack)
SPEED: 6 Squares

MELEE UNARMED (claws, bite or tail): 29 (2d1212)# -martial arts 1,2,3; hammerblow; Melee Smash; or
MELEE UNARMED (claws, bite or tail): 24 (4d1212)# -martial arts 1,2,3; imp. Rapid Strike; hammerblow; Melee smash or
MELEE UNARMED (claws, bite or tail): 21 (4d1212)# -(1st attack) -##Double Attack; martial arts 1,2,3; Imp. Rapid Strike; Melee Smash; hammerblow; {+21 (5d12+12)# – (on 2nd attack) -Savage attack}

MELEE LIGHTSABER: 18 (2d812)# – Melee smash;
MELEE LIGHTSABER: 13 (4d812)# – Melee smash; Imp. Rapid Strike or
MELEE LIGHTSABER: 10 (4d812)# – Double Attack; Melee smash; Imp. Rapid Strike
{+10 (5d8+12)# – (on 2nd attack) -Savage attack}

BASE ATTACK: +13; GRP*: +18

  • (1d20 + bab + str / dex mod (whichever is higher) + size mod)
    • (when fighting melee, opponents take an additional -5 when targeting w/ ranged weapons (-10 total))
  • (when damage an opponent w/ a melee attack & they move down the CT, move an additional -1 step (total 2 steps))
    1. (As a full round action only uses unarmed attacks, instead becomes a standard action and can use swift & move actions during round)

SPECIAL ACTIONS: Savage Attack: When you use a full attack action and successfully hit the target w/ your first attack, you deal +1 die of damage on each remaining attack in the full attack action made against that target; Damage reduction 10: Spend a force point as a standard action to gain damage reduction 10 for 1 minute; Clear Mind: able to reroll any UTF check made to avoid being detected by another force user; Stunning Strike: When damage an opponent w/ melee attacks, they move an additional -1 step down the condition track when the attack is above the damage threshold; Teras Kasi Mastery: if takes only unarmed attacks as a full round action, can instead take the full round action as a standard action (thus granting swift and move actions during the same round)

FORCE POWERS KNOWN: (Use the Force +9):
ABILITIES: Str 18(4), Dex 16(3), Con 19(4), Int 12(1), Wis 11(0), Cha 14(2)
TALENTS: Damage Reduction 10; Elusive Target; Flurry of Blows; HammerBlow; Melee Smash; Stunning Strike; Teras Kasi Basics;
FEATS: Double Attack: Force Sensitivity; Improved Defenses; Improved Rapid Strike; WP: Lightsabers & Simple; Weapon Focus (unarmed attack); Martial Arts 1 (d8) & 2 (d10) & 3 (d12); Rapid Strike; Savage Attack;
WEAPON PROFICIENCY: (lightsabers, simple weapons)
SKILLS: Acrobatics +15, Climb +11, Deception +8, Endurance +10, Gather Info +8, Initiative +15, Jump +11, Knowledge (all) +7, Mechanics +7, Pilot +10, Perception +6, Persuasion +8, Ride +10, Stealth +15, Survival +7, Swim +11, Treat Injury +7, Use Computer +7, Use the Force +13


Natural Armor: A barabel’s thick scaly hide profices +2 natural armor bonus to reflex defense. A natural armor bonus stacks w/ an armor bonus.

Natural Weapons: A barabel has natural weapons in the form of sharp claws, needle-sharp teeth, and a thick tail. When making an unarmed attack, a barabel can choose to use natural weapons, dealing 1d6 points of slashing damage (claws), piercing damage (bite), or bludgeoning damage (tail w/ that attack instead of normal unarmed damage. Barabel are always considered armed when attacking w/ their natural weapons.

Stun Resistance: A barabel’s reflective scales defuse the effects of stun weapons, granting them a +5 species bonus to damage threshold to resist the effect of a stun weapon.

Radiation resistance: A barabel’s armored hide protects from hazardous radiation, granting a +5 species bonus to Fort. Defense to resist the effect of radiation. In addition, Barabels never gain a persistent condition from suffering the effect of radiation.

Darkvision: Barabel ignore concealment (including total concealment from darkness. However, they cannot perceive colors in total darkness.

Primitive: Barabels do not gain weapon proficiency (pistols, rifles or heavy weapons) as a
starting feat at first level, even if their class normally grants them.

Skills: A barabel can re-roll a persuasion check made to intimidate others but the result of the reroll must be accepted.
+2 str, -2 dex, -2 wis

Elusive target: When fighting an opponent or multiple opponents in melee, other opponents attempting to target you w/ a ranged attack takes a -5 penalty. This penalty is in addition to the normal -5 penalty for firing into melee (see: shooting or throwing into a melee, page 161 crb), making the penalty to target you -10)

Clear Mind: You may reroll any opposed UTF check made to avoid being detected by other force-users. You must take the result of the reroll, even if it is worse.

HammerBlow: If you are unarmed and holding no items, you double your strength bonus on unarmed attack rolls.

Tough as durasteel: Starting at level 2, whenever you damage a target w/ an unarmed attack while wearing light or no armor, you gain bonus HP equal to your class level.

Flurry of blows: When you make multiple unarmed attacks as a full attack action, you reduce the penalty to your attack roll by 2

Teras Kasi basics: You deal an additional die of damage w/ your unarmed attacks.

Teras Kasi Mastery: If you make only unarmed attacks during a full attack action, you can take the full attack action as a standard action instead of a full-round action.


Former Jedi who was kicked out of the order because he was unable to control his temper. He joined different factions that were looking for willing muscle. He never caught on anywhere for to long as his temper would always alianate him from his associates and he would eventually find himself being pushed out the door.
He joined a group of monks that taught him how to focus his anger and to use it to give him fuel. He drew on that and developed into a viscous martial artist. However the Monks who trained him were only doing so in order to harness his physical abilities for their own selfish longings. They wished to turn him loose on their enemies (a Rival Monk Tribe) and have him demolish their leadership and bring about ciaos in their followers. Thus bringing an end to their rivalry.
When Shaka Ra discovered their plot he unleashed his anger on those that deceived him. However he did not let himself fall over to the darkside. He spared their lives and exposed their treachery. They lost everything and became and embarrassment among their peers.
With seemingly finding a peace w/in himself that he has never found before he returned to the Jedi order w/ the hopes of rejoining their ranks one day.
Shaka Ra went through numerous exams and tests of his ability to control his anger and he passed easily. Many of his former masters and teachers were amazed by his progress and they apparently approved of him becoming a Jedi Padawan once again.
Since his former Master had been killed in a skirmish during the beginning of the Clone wars he was about to be reassigned to another master… Then Order 66 occurred….

Since he wasn’t a registered Jedi he wasn’t given a Priority listing. As such he fell through the cracks. He had no Jedi designation and no Clone trooper escort so he has been on the run ever since.

Three weeks ago, his name was discovered in the data banks and a bulletin was sent out on him. Besides what was mention above here is what we know so far:

Shaka Ra

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